Fall Quilt Market 2011: Alexander Henry – The Ghastlies

Alexander Henry‘s The Ghastlies were a huge hit from the moment they were introduced at Fall Quilt Market 2009. Nicole and Phillip de Leon said that they took on a life of their own — as they and their customers lived with them and created with them for a while, the backstory evolved and their family expanded. We know the Ghastlies are eccentric, macabre, and beyond rich (old money, of course). They have so little tolerance for humanity that they have become completely isolated in Ghastlie Manor — they barely tolerate one another. In the tip-top of print above you may spot the Widows Ghastlie, who are in perpetual mourning but nobody can figure out over whom — perhaps their husbands’ untimely deaths, that perhaps they had something to do with?

The Ghastlies love was too big for just Halloween, so the new Ghastlies is a year-round collection.

The Alexander Henry crew even dressed as the Ghastlies on Halloween!


  1. Angela says:

    love their costumes! I hadn’t heard that this would a year long collection. How fun!

  2. Lola says:

    The fabric is creepy but catch any ideas on how you could use it on something other than quilts?

  3. Maureen from Ventura says:

    I love the fabric!! I’d use it for clothing, home dec or quilts.