Spring Quilt Market 2011: Camelot Cottons

Human Elements by Billie Davids


Human Element by Billie Davids

Camelot Cottons is a Montreal based company, repped by E.E. Schenck here in the States (E.E. Schenck reps a bunch of smaller companies and takes up a HUGE amount of real estate at market). Camelot specializes in paintings turned fabric prints.

Earth Elements by Rosewood Organics

Earth Elements by Rosewood Organics

The scale of the Earth Elements collection was impressive.

Daydream by Stephanie Brandenburg

Daydreams II

Daydreams II

Not to be outdone, Stephanie Brandenburg went all kinds of big for her lines, Daydream and Daydreams II.

All collections are either in stores now or shipping this month (June).

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  1. Cathy A. says:

    I think Camelot Cottons has some amazing collections right now!!!