Happiness Is …

… Finding out-of-print fabrics at not-gougey prices! I was reminded how much I wanted these Aunt Grace Ties One On prints (from 2007, I believe) when I spotted a sliver of the plaid on Lizzy House’s blog (here, to be exact). A quick Googling brought them up at The Sewing Basket in Prosser, WA. Now I’ve got my eye on you, Alexander Henry Livingston Seagull in Taupe.

So, have you ever had a happy surprise when seeking out an out-of-print fabric?


  1. Kim says:

    I found Alexander Henry Paloma Birds in both the white and black :o ) I only have one yard of the black and cannot cut into it!

  2. Jacqui says:

    Yes! Aaaages ago I commented in a post you did wondering about favourite fabrics about mine, which was a floral by Ume-Komachi. I’d got a scrap in a bag from Purl Soho but they didn’t have any more, nor could I find it anywhere else, despite searching for a ridiculous amount of time over many weeks. I’d given up and was resigned to only having my small scrap when I ended up at a blog called Cotton and Cloud for a lunchbag pattern. I noticed there was a shop so I thought I’d just have an idle browse and what did I find? My fabric! On sale! I couldn’t get my credit card out of my wallet fast enough. Of course, now that I have a decent amount of it I STILL haven’t cut into it, but I have made it as far as deciding it will be an Amy Butler bag and I have the pattern and everything. Which is pretty good considering I usually sit on fabric I love and am too scared to use it.

  3. Erica K says:

    No way! I had no idea these were old prints. I just bought 8 different ‘Ties one on’ fabrics from a local store! I love them! So glad I got them now…

    I fell in love with a fabric once but didn’t know what it was called (and couldn’t find anyone who did), I only knew it was AH. I searched and searched and as a final act of desperation, I emailed AH. The sweetest gal ever not only told me the name, but she found a shop that carried it for me! I do believe I got the last bit on the internet! :D

    Good luck finding the seagulls…it’s really nice!

  4. Lisa Gapen says:

    My holy grail is Goldfish in the bag from Heather Ross – a close second is Erin Michael’s paint by number fabrics.
    I also just bought a fat quarter of a gorgeous repro. fab. and all I can read on the salvage is “pattern #64000″ and “abrics.com” . So far Google has let me down but I have not given up!

  5. Robin D. says:

    I’ve found a couple of my HTF favorites by consistently searching on etsy and ebay until someone happens to be destashing that fabric. It can also help to join fabric swapping groups on Flickr. Kim, I have an extra yard of the AH seagulls in taupe – if interested, please email me. :)