Scattered Blooms Lawn

Thank you so much for all the love on the blog birthday post! I hope you didn’t think I was fishing for it, but nonetheless your comments made me so happy throughout the weekend (and through my 10-hour tax-doing marathon yesterday — uuuuhhhngh). I feel like you all have my back, and that I can travel to the far corners of this earth and look you up and go out for a drink (and local fabric shopping). And that’s just the coolest.

Above, Scattered Blooms, a gorgeous cotton lawn from Japan in five colorways, spotted at Superbuzzy.


  1. If you are ever in Brighton in the UK, look me up for a beer :)

  2. Wendy says:

    This fabric is lovely! I’m sure that nobody thought you were fishing! Your blog is a great one to visit…..

  3. Maggie Breeden says:

    Your blog is a high point in my dayand I adore every minute I spend with you!! Keep up the great work!

  4. nora says:

    I like the timeless treasures #1. A close #2 is sherbet pips.

  5. Mujgan says:

    Very “springy” fabric :) Yes, you’re always welcome to my land and you should know that your blog is great!

  6. Amber says:

    It’s always fun to celebrate with someone on their birthday – even if you only know them on their blog. And I think we all need to plan a Quilt Market in Hawaii so everyone can come here :-)

  7. gwyneth says:

    happy birthday! i like #6!