Misc. Retro/Reproductions from Yuwa/Kei

Yuwa - Thrilling Black

These and other gorgeous vintage reproduction (or maybe just well-done retro) prints from Japanese manufacturer Yuwa/Kei are now hitting the stores in the U.S. –Sew, Mama, Sew! just got them in. Some of the prints are on cotton lawn. Which means spring is coming, right? Please?

I know quite a few of you have written me looking for the Marie Jacobi Berlin collection from Yuwa, and as for me, I’m eager to get a hold of Kumiko Fujita’s calendar prints, so if any of you are in the know about when/if we’ll be seeing those fabrics available, please let us know in the comments! Amy from Badskirt in Australia has some of the calendar prints sewn up into a block here, so maybe there is hope for us Americans.

Yuwa - Thrilling Black

Yuwa - Sateen

Yuwa - Live Life


  1. Hi Kim – My calendar prints came direct from Tokyo on one of my shopping trips in November. Then a friend picked up some more for me, because I decided I needed another colourway. I’m back in Tokyo in May and can look for you, if you haven’t found any by then!

    I know an Australian distributor is carrying a limited portion of that Kumiko collection. I believe stock is due to Australia in appromixately 6-8 weeks. I’ll let you know what we get.

  2. Rosa says:

    Not in the Americas, but I have a few bolts of Kumiko Fujita’s collection on the way right now :)