Lecien: My Folklore

On the heels of last week‘s Euro-retro-folk-via-Japan print from Kokka, the newest iteration of Lecien‘s popular and ongoing My Folklore collection has just started arriving in stores. Each of the four prints comes in 4-6 colorways apiece. Long live Euro-retro-folk-via-Japan!


  1. Jennifer says:

    Awesome! I was just sorting through my yards of Folklore I and II. :) My most favorite fabric line ever.

  2. It’s lovely, I have it at M is for make in the UK

  3. Carmen says:

    Beautiful prints!

  4. Vi says:

    Are the top two Hungarian? If not, they absolutely look like they are influenced by Hungarian Matyo folk embroidery: http://www.folk-art-hungary.com/matyo-embroidery.asp