Kokka Cotton Linen

Here’s a sweet little reproduction collection on a cotton-linen blend from Kokka. See the three other colorways on the Seven Islands site. I haven’t seen this in shops yet, have you?


  1. I have seen these lovely prints (and have bought them!) in the UK at fabricinspirations.co.uk .. They are as sweet in real life as they look in the photo.

  2. Hi Kim

    We received our shipment of these fabrics late last week. They were photographed yesterday & should be available by the end of the week :D



  3. We have one of these too :)

    It’s the typical great kokka cotton linen. take a look at the teapots here : http://www.etsy.com/shop/bertiesfabric

  4. corentine says:

    we’ve got them here : http://www.motifpersonnel.com/recherche/teapot/
    amazing fabrics, as usual with Kokka !