I posted about BunnyBunnybyPinks more than a year ago, but had forgotten about them completely till I stumbled across their crazy sweet 60s-inspired fabrics again on Etsy. So I assume you have forgotten too and would appreciate the reminder! This is a brick-and-mortar and webshop in Osaka, Japan that produces their own exclusive fabric collection (the one you see here), and goods made from it, as well as craft supplies, vintage fabric, and other Japanese and American fabrics. The shop looks like an explosion of bright neon cuteness and pompoms.

This one is also available inĀ a laminate version, at least directly from the webshop


  1. marcelin says:

    Oh! I saw these in Isetan in Kyoto – they are adorable in real life. I managed to restrict myself to one design – http://www.flickr.com/photos/diskant/5199339892/in/set-72157625231064693 – who can resist polka dot apples?

    • Kim says:

      I love that print! Looks like it’s only in their webshop, not Etsy, but maybe they would do a custom listing (or maybe it’s just not on Etsy right this second).

  2. Pinks has a small shop in Shinjuku Tokyo! I inadvertently stumbled on it when looking for something else. It’s in the Marui One (OIOI One) shop, but I’ve forgotten which level. Brightness overload, but fun to see. Giant bright buttons, trims and more.