Retro Outdoor Fabric

So you know how I was wishing for outdoor furniture last week? I went into IKEA just for breakfast yesterday and rolled out with the Tullerö set. Total impulse buy (I mean, what a bargain!), and even though it’s smallish it should suit our needs. The cushions, sold separately, were cruddy, so I passed on those, thinking I will make my own. We’ll just see if that ever happens, but it’s been interesting to delve into the world of outdoor fabrics for the first time. Most everything I’ve come across so far is very jewel-toned/traditional or sophisticated/boring, but I did find this very 70s muumuu floral on the Canada-based Designer Fabrics Online shop. Unfortunately, it’s sold out at the moment, so the search continues.


  1. Sheila says:

    I almost bought that set as an impulse buy last August and resisted, but I’ve been thinking about it all winter and hoping that it would be back this season. I guess I know what I’m doing this weekend!

  2. Michelle says:

    There is another Canadian online shop that sells outdoor fabrics called Tonic Living. Their stuff has a lot of retro designs, plus they make there own lines of products too, with the aim of using home-sewers at fair wages.
    This is their website:
    Let me know what you think I them, I have an article on the backburner about Toronto online craft suppliers and I’d like to know what they’re service is like. Thanks!