Oilcloth From Butik 76

Butik 76 is a small U.S.-based web shop carrying a nicely edited selection of oilcloth (actually laminated cottons, it sounds like) all designed in Denmark and Sweden. The owner writes about using these fabrics as tablecloths:

I am married to a Dane and travel regularly to Copenhagen where I fell in love with the Scandinavian design aesthetic, which injects beauty and style into everyday items. Danes set their tables properly, even for a quick breakfast or an afternoon coffee, but often keep voksdug or waxed cotton tablecloths on their tables so that gatherings around the table – especially for families – are relaxed. I found myself buying new oilcloth tablecloth with each visit and eventually, bringing them home to friends and family who appreciated both the modern designs and the practicality of being able to simply wipe them clean time and time again.

{ via Martha Stewart’s Crafts Dept. }

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