Laura Slater Textiles

UK designer Laura Slater screenprints her line of textiles by hand in her Wakefield, West Yorkshire studio. From her About page:

Designs evolve through an interplay of colour and pattern with architectural and organic elements. Hand drawn design concepts involving line, mark and texture are developed directly onto cloth in parallel to the hand finished products ensuring visual and conceptual clarity.

I think Ms. Slater succeeds in creating designs that are at vintage-inspired yet fresh and fashion-forward. The 100% linen fabrics are available by the meter, or as made to order cushions, lampshades, or upholstery.

She also offers screenprinting workshops.

(via This Is Love Forever)


  1. Carmen says:

    Thanks for always featuring these independent designs on TrueUp, Kim — I’m always amazed at how fashion-forward they are and, well, how much I want them!

  2. These are great, they really come to life when made into things ie on the chairs. Very stylish.