Home Dec Fabric of the Week: Eclat Weave by Anni Albers / Knoll

We already have Japanese Fabric of the Week on Mondays, and Digital Fabric of the Week on Thursdays … I am thinking that, for the new year, each weekday needs its own type of fabric-of-the-week feature. So I’m making Wednesdays Home Dec day, which will give me the opportunity to cover those high-end fabrics that most of us could never afford, but can be inspired by them nonetheless. Prints are spoiled around here, and it’s also time jacquards and other wovens got their day in the sun too. Fridays will see the long-awaited return of vintage fabrics — woohoo! That leaves Tuesdays, and I am thinking fashion fabrics, but I’m not quite ready to commit to that yet. I might need your help with that one!

To inaugurate this column, I’ve chosen Eclat Weave from the queen mama of modern interior design, Knoll. Eclat was originally designed in 1974 by the legendary Anni Albers as a printed textile design, but was re-introduced by Knoll as a woven. It is a 17.5oz/yard, 54″ cotton/poly/rayon blend which retails at $66/yard — quite affordable for small projects such as re-covering seat cushions.

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  1. Tina says:

    What about funky novelty or themed prints?For example mermaids,hula girls etc…It can be difficult to stay on top of new and exciting print!
    Love your site!!