Designtex: Alistair, and How to Buy To-the-Trade Fabrics

This week’s Home Dec Fabric of the Week selection comes once again thanks to Modern Fabrics‘ weekly newsletter. It’s Designtex’s Alistair, an “extreme performance” fabric that comes in 12 colorways. (Modern Fabrics has Strawberry, top left, for only $18/yard, and I encourage you to follow the link to get the full effect of the beautiful corally vine pattern). It’s made from 100% recycled polyester with a Crypton finish, and is super heavyweight at 20oz/yard, so it would be a great upholstery choice for this two-kids-two-dogs household.

Designtex fabrics are to-the-trade only, which led me to ask “how does one qualify as a trader, anyway?” Of course the internet has the answer: see this Q&A on Apartment Therapy. Short answer: you have to have a tax ID and an account with the manufacturer. I don’t know if this requires minimum purchases like it usually does in the quilting fabric world, though. An option for Regular Folk is to go through a purchasing agent, who can often be found through your local interior design center.

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