Cloth Australia

Cloth Fabric is probably the first Australian hand-screenprinting fabric company to appear on my radar. I realized I hadn’t checked in for a while and it turns out they have several new prints and other product lines going on.

If you’re not familiar, Cloth is a small independent fabric company that has been operating out of Sydney, Australia since 1995. They screenprint their fabrics by hand “on a long table in a tin shed in the country” — sounds dreamy! Most of their fabric printing is done on a hemp basecloth with waterbased, nontoxic inks and dyes, though they also use linen, organic cotton, and blends. The prints are all designed by Julie Paterson, and they company employs local craftspeople to print the fabrics as well as sew their ready-made product line.

I (and probably everyone else?) thinks of Looking for Water (top image, bottom left) as their signature print — I was blown away by it when I first discovered Cloth years ago and still love it. They have always focused on furnishing fabrics but have recently introduced a “workingcloth” line, which is a lighter weight linen blend suitable for crafts, quilting, and apparel. (I love the name — there are so many more multipurpose fabrics these days “suitable for crafts, quilting, and apparel,” and that gets awkward to spell out all the time.) Workingcloth includes some children’s prints and some prints from the original furnishing fabrics collection.

{ More prints from Cloth’s furnishing fabrics collection }

{ workingcloth }

You can find Cloth fabrics in their Sydney retail store, and through these stockists in Australia and other countries.


  1. teawithhazel says:

    thanks for this great information about an artisan screen printing company..jane

  2. melimba says:

    oh yeah! these are AWESOME! I love how you find the coolest designs! Mega props to you for sharing them, and mega props to Cloth Fabric. Very cool.

  3. Lisa P. says:

    Speaking of people who print their own fabric and are amazing, have you ever checked out Galbraith and Paul? I saw their fabric in a Martha Stewart magazine years ago and every once in a great while, I check out their website, drool over everything, and then go away sad because it’s so expensive. Still…it’s beautiful. Here’s the link: