Beautiful Textures of Unika Vaev

Unika Vaev, meaning “unique weave” in Danish, was originally a mill in Denmark but changed hands to the American ICF Group in the 1970s. Simple woven geometric patterns and textures characterize their upholstery fabrics. Though prints and large-scale woven patterns tend to catch our eyes more, personally I’m more into beautiful, durable, retro-feeling textures for upholstery. It’s difficult to show these here in all their glory, but I thought I’d make an attempt with this selection of Unika Vaev’s finest.

Clockwise from top: Atmosphere, County Cork, Daydream (discontinued), Playa, Stretch Appeal, Giverny. All fabrics designed by Dorothy Cosonas, except Atmosphere (by Charmaine Demarco) and County Cork (none indicated).


  1. Jenny says:

    Charmaine used to be my boss – she’s super talented and a lovely lady to boot!

  2. Kim says:

    Wow, Jenny, small world!