Sponsor Giveaway: Mwendas

Mwendas is a shop based in Singapore that sells authentic Japanese fabric from Yuwa, Lecien, and other manufacturers — amongst owner Fridah’s inventory you’ll find difficult-to-find designers Suzuko Koseki, Fumika Oishi, Keiko Goke, and Kumiko Fujita, and characters like Miffy. I’ve included some of my own favorites here. She recently became a True Up sponsor so we’re holding a pretty awesome giveaway today — two readers will each win a $50 gift certificate to spend in the shop on any of her fabrics, notions, books, tools, and craft supplies.

Here’s what you’ve gotta do to win! You can enter up to four times:

  • By visiting Mwendas to hunt around for your favorite print, then come back and leave a comment telling us what it was.
  • By Liking Mwendas on Facebook — she often posts exclusive discounts and specials there, so you should do this anyway! Please leave an additional comment here indicating you’ve done this.
  • By spreading the word of this giveaway on Twitter or Facebook (use the tag #mwendas on Twitter or @mwendasonline on Facebook). Please leave an additional comment for each one of these you’ve done.

We will be gathering up all these entries this Friday, May 20, around 10am central U.S. time, and drawing the two winners randomly from that pool

In case you don’t want to wait to see if you won, Mwendas is also offering a 10% discount shopwide with code TRUEUP10 for all True Up readers through Sunday, May 21 (Singapore time).

Best of luck, and thanks to Fridah at Mwendas!


  1. Catherine says:

    I love Farmhouse in pink–those feathers! Thanks for sharing about this great shop.

  2. Mwendas is great!! I have several fabrics I’ve ordered from her like this one, http://www.etsy.com/listing/68760448/kawaii-bunny-rabbits-in-colorful-kimono and one day I’ll finally cut into them, lol!

    This is my current favorite in her shop: http://www.etsy.com/listing/69392803/snow-bunnies-on-pink-japanese-fabric-fq

    Thanks for the chance to win : )

  3. Carmen says:

    Wow, thanks indeed to Fridah! I’ve been eyeing the selection of Suzuko Koseki prints at Mwendas for a few weeks now (in fact the very last stop I made on my browser was at her shop on Etsy before coming here), so I’ve pretty much fallen off my chair at this coincidence. Fingers crossed!

  4. mary beth says:

    Miffy! I heart the miffy fabric!

  5. Ramona says:

    I just love the playing kimono girls on red. So adorable. There were so many cute fabrics. Never been to that shop before. So fun.

  6. Laura M says:

    Oh I love this one! http://www.etsy.com/listing/65833535/retro-flowery-leaves-cotton-lycra-fabric And liked you on FB! Now back to shopping…

  7. sarah says:

    Just one? But there’s so much cuteness over there! Hmmm, I think I’ll have to go with Fairyland in Red (or maybe blue!) for something I would actually use. But there’s so much cuteness over there!!

  8. Candace says:

    I’m still eye-ing the alphabet fabric from Kumiko. It is so perfect for a little boy!

  9. My favorite print in her shop is Japanese Fabric – Colorful Peppers by Kawaii!

  10. Kelsey says:

    Definitely Miffy & Friends on pink!!!

  11. I “like” Mwendas on Facebook!

  12. Kelsey says:

    Liked Mwendas on Facebook.

  13. Georgia says:

    All of the Sozuko Koseki fabrics are wonderful!

  14. Tong says:

    LOVE the Multi Buttons Suzuko Koseki for Yuwa!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Tweeted the giveaway!

  16. Tong says:

    Just tweeted the giveaway (@tingtongnthings)

  17. Mary P says:

    The traffic jam prints are SO cute!

  18. Mary P says:

    I “like” Mwendas on Facebook too.

  19. I love the vintage sewing fabrics by Suzuko Koseki

  20. Caitlin says:

    I’m in the early stages of a mostly yellow log cabin quilt and I love the Miffy print in light yellow. I also like the pretty pig print.

    Fabrics aside, if I won I’d def want the ferris wheel iron on patch, sooo cute!

  21. Emma says:

    LOVE the Miffy fabric – particularly the linen colour, so cute! Such a great giveaway, thanks :)

  22. Christina says:

    Love those fabrics – especially Bambi & Mushrooms on mustard

  23. Amy says:

    I am loving the Multi Buttons by Suzuko Koseki. What a fun shop!
    Thanks for the chance!

  24. Amy says:

    Just liked Mwendas on facebook.

  25. Joslin says:

    I love the Lollipop print from Heather Bailey. Oh but the ducks are so cute too!

  26. eadaoine says:

    Minny Muu Adorable Elephants is ADORABLE!

  27. duff says:

    Dancing Panda on Dark Orange completely cracked me up so I’ll go with that for a fav!

  28. duff says:

    I sent Mwendas some FB love!!

  29. Debra says:

    I love the Traffic Jam Print!

  30. Debra says:

    I’m a Mwendas Facebook Fan!

  31. Debra says:

    I tweeted @Lealee33

  32. Kerry says:

    Oh i know this shop well already- just bought stuff form it a couple of days ago- liking the Suzuko feedsack in blue and red

  33. Kerry says:

    I liked Mwendas on FB

  34. Catherine says:

    Thank so much for the introduction! Loving Mwendas – but worrying about my customs bill! Thinking little and often, like food during pregnancy…. appropriate enough for our “Waiting for Baby” Sewing classes,

    Here are some of my favourite fabrics at mwendas:
    My favorite story
    Yellow flamingos http://www.etsy.com/listing/71586078/yellow-flamingos-japanese-fabric-half LOVE, LOVE, LOVE
    Touou patches (the linen above)
    Jungle parade
    Happy Day with bunny and teddy


  35. Liane says:

    My favorites are by Suzuko Koseki – the blue and red feedsack, the multi-colored buttons and the perfume labels. It is very helpful to know that all fabric in the shop is authentic so I can buy with confidence. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  36. Jill B says:

    Seriously?! They’re all gorgeous. But I need Miffy fabric and I like the polka dot cotton linen lime greens and also the cute ducks on cream. Quack quack.

  37. eva says:

    Thank you Kim for the discovery! My favorite one is the ‘Keiko Goke Cheerful Stripe Cream Yellow’ (http://www.etsy.com/listing/74189506/keiko-goke-cheerful-stripe-cream-yellow) even I have fallen in love with these crochet needles: http://www.etsy.com/listing/69661693/hamanaka-raku-raku-double-ended-crochet. Good luck to everyone!

  38. Eva says:

    I love the German language animal print in red. (http://www.etsy.com/listing/66112328/touou-red-patches-linen-collection) It is really cute, retro and also a bit weird! The Umlaut dots are missing and underneath each animal it says “delicious food” …?! :-D :-) ;-)

  39. Kim says:

    Thanks for showing me this great Etsy shop! I faved it right away of course.
    And in between all that candy I loved Deco Umbrellas on Yellow most!

  40. LCGCreations says:

    http://www.etsy.com/listing/71586047/kawaii-bunny-rabbits-in-colorful-kimono is always a fav!! or anything with bunnies, and anything with skulls,skeletons etc that is a bit on the unusual side, or harder to get

  41. RhandaJ says:

    I like Mwendas on FB! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  42. RhandaJ says:

    I really love the Jungle Playhouse on White and Toy Poodle. Adorable!

  43. Anna says:

    The sunshine flower pattern is my favourite – but actually I like most of them

  44. My favourite at Mwenda’s is definitely “My Favourite Story”!

  45. Ellen says:

    I love this fabric!! Multi Buttons Suzuko Koseki for Yuwa

  46. Merete says:

    I love Forest Friends on blue. But there is so many great ones!

  47. Merete says:

    I like Mwenda on FB

  48. mjb says:

    Lots of great ones but the dancing pandas are adorable.

  49. mjb says:

    Liked on facebook

  50. barbara says:

    the colors in Rainy Day Frog on Blue are just gorgeous – how cute for a summer bag !