Giveaway: Freespirit Designer Solids (and Other Basics) Sample Card Giveaway

I think the universe is conspiring against me posting to True Up lately — last week I had a sick little boy that needed tending-to, now this week I have his crud, and we’ve had two days of major power outages — day one because windstorms, old trees, and power lines don’t mix, day two because the entire state of Texas had to undergo rolling blackouts (and of course our neighborhood seemed to get more than our fair share of darkness).

But I want to make up for the sparseness today (and fight all this grayness and chill) with a pretty spectacular giveaway. FreeSpirit has sent me two sets of sample cards of their new Designer Solids and other basics collections — a beautiful, saturated assortment of colors meant to coordinate with their designer print collections. I am reaaaaalllly tempted to keep a set for myself, but I love you so I want you to have them.

As anyone who frequently uses solids, you know that samples are extremely helpful in planning projects and purchases (especially online purchases). And the sample cards are not available for retail purchase! I’ll try to convince them to sell a retail version, but in the meanwhile, this will be the only way to get your hands on them.

Here’s a rundown of the tonal basics:

Beads — a small polka dot. 25 colors.
Houndstooth — the classic weave in print form, which I can’t help but see as diagonal space invaders. 25 colors.
Twine — like a beautiful mess of string. 25 colors.
Dapples — your basic mottled tonal print. 50 colors.
Fresco — like Dapples, but at a larger scale and more defined areas of color. 25 colors.
Instincts — almost like a tiny animal print. 25 colors.
Pinwheels — little curlicues over a Dapples-like background. 25 colors.

Just leave your comment on this post, and I’ll draw a winner randomly next Thursday, February 10, around 10am Central U.S. time. Two winners will receive a solids sample card and one each of the other seven basics collections. Thanks to FreeSpirit for providing these lovelies!


  1. Nancy C says:

    These look terrific! Thanks for the chance.

  2. Ann says:

    I hope you’re feeling better! How ironic is it for Texas to have this terrible weather right in time for the Super Bowl! The sample cards look gorgeous.

  3. Sam E. says:

    Ooh, so lovely! I would enjoy having these references, thank you.

  4. Carrie L says:

    What a great giveaway! Thanks!

  5. Lori says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks for being so generous!

  6. ariane says:

    I love my kona cotton sample card. It would be great to be able to branch out into other lines of basics!

  7. Liane says:

    I love the Kona cotton color chart and can’t live without it! I’d love to have one for Free Spirit! Please ask them to sell them I know I’d buy one! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  8. Collette says:

    Oh yes, yes, please! I love color cards. I’d lay down and roll around in them if I could. Wait, is that too much information????? ;-)

  9. Natalie M says:

    I love, love, love all these colors and they would be oh so handy for my “dynamic color” class!

  10. Marlene says:

    That would just awesome to have…


  11. Rachel says:

    Excellent give away.

  12. Dianne Megenity says:

    I love swatch cards! What a cool giveaway!

  13. Joy says:

    These would be so wonderful! Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Amanda Starr says:

    Oh those could be a ton of fun :)

  15. Jodie says:

    I would love to win a sample card. I love solid color quilts. This would help a lot.

  16. Brenda says:

    Wow that’s awesome!

  17. Katrina H says:

    What a great prize!

  18. Katarina says:

    These look great!!!Awesome giveaway:)

  19. Denise says:

    I know what you mean about the Texas weather. I luckily did not suffer any of the rolling blackouts, but that might have been because I slept through them since I’ve been sleeping off my own crud the past couple of days.

    Hope all is well in your end of the world! This looks like a fabulous giveaway.

  20. Jessica says:

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks so much for sharing. This would be so helpful, as I buy most of my fabric online.

  21. gina pina says:

    uh, WOW. Who knew there was such a demand for these? Well here is hoping the random number generator gods smile down on me because I really need one of these. Thanks for giving them away.

  22. I need this to complete my solid card trifecta! : ) I already have the Bella Card and the Kona Card.

  23. Nadja says:

    oh that’s lovely!!

  24. Line says:

    I need these so much! As a beginner sewist, I tend to be a hoarder… simply because I’m not sure which other fabric to buy to match those I already have!
    Thanks for the chance!

  25. Sarah M says:

    Wow – I am so impressed you can part with these! I would be huddled over them, rubbing my hands together in an evil, hoarding fashion and snarling at anyone who approached…seriously, I hope you can talk Free Spirit into retailing these (I do luh-huv my Kona card).

  26. Ruth says:

    Oh, feel better soon, we’ve all been down with the lurgey here too. Would seriously love these to help my online buying, not that my husband would believe I actually *need* any help to spend more on fabric ;)

  27. gina s. says:

    Love it!! I love color, and this would be like owning a rainbow!!

    Thanks so much!


  28. Alisa says:

    I’d love to get my hands on those! Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  29. Deb says:

    Someone recently told me about these color swatch cards…I’d love to win one!

  30. Mary Beth says:

    I hope you convince them to sell them!!! In the meantime these would be so fantastic for planning printing projects!!

  31. A Matteo says:

    Spectacular. Your generosity is inspiring, as are the cards.

  32. Awesome – always fear I will order the wrong solid on line. Carolina

  33. Kristine says:

    These look beautiful! And you’re right, they would come in handy for placing on-line orders.

  34. susan alexander/wilson says:

    So sorry the boy was sick, and now you. Mamas never get sick days. We got hit disproportionately by the blackouts, too. Sigh. NEed soup?

  35. Amanda adams says:

    How fun, thanks for the chance to win, they look beautiful!

  36. alison says:

    Living in a place where there is no bricks & mortar shop for these fabrics, I would so love to win a set – it would great for all my quilting buddies here

  37. Caitlin T. says:

    i’ve been working with solids a lot more lately, particularly in my quilts, and it would be so nice to have a color reference guide during the planning stages. thank you for the chance!

  38. Shasta says:

    Lovely! How decadent would it feel to have these sample cards?

  39. Lisa says:

    Looove the polka dots and gingham. Colours are fabulous. Would love to be the owner of these awesome cards!

  40. elena says:

    What a great giveaway. Count me in please! :D

  41. Laine says:

    Fabric cards are so useful! I use my Kona often. Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. Katy says:

    Thanks for the chance at this giveaway!

  43. Heather F says:

    I love solids. i would love this to use as a reference!

  44. Dana says:

    Know how you feel with the blackouts. Our computers at work were down last week so we were required to take the day off. Love the giveaway!

  45. Kaelin says:

    Oooh how exciting! i love the little beads/dots! thanks for the giveaway :)

  46. Dianne Giles says:

    Oh to be able to pet the fabric while I am choosing what goes with what! Thank you for the chance to win this awesome giveaway. Cheers, Dianne

  47. virginia king says:

    oh, this is just a great giveaway. all the beautiful colors. thank you, virginia

  48. paige says:

    How AWESOME!!! I use my Kona card all the time…FreeSpirit def needs to sell these! Thanks for sharing :)

  49. Tricia says:

    Sweet! I love color cards. Thanks for sharing!