Robert Kaufman Spring 2011 Previews

Pick a Bunch is Mod Green Pod‘s second 100% organic collection for Robert Kaufman. The three colorways, sunflower (above), olive, and orchid are so gorgeous and jubilant. Pick a Bunch is out very soon, likely by the end of April. There will also be some new coordinating solids in RK’s Pure Organics line.

More April/May releases from Robert Kaufman:

Just Dandy by Josephine Kimberling — see a sneak peek on her blog. It’s Josephine’s signature fashiony florals mixed accented with mod crosshatching.

I’m also very much looking forward to Appleville by Suzy Ultman. (via Print & Pattern)

Amy Schimler‘s Animal Party Too is juuuust starting to arrive in stores. All sales will benefit Quilts for Kids, an organization that makes quilts for children in hospitals.

Effervescence is Amelia Caruso’s debut collection for Robert Kaufman. It includes three designs in three colorways apiece. Caruso is a painter who is influenced by space and depth in nature, Australian Aboriginal dot patterns, Mandelbrot Fractals, and satellite photos. Wow!


  1. Cathy A says:

    I really love the Effervescence collection!!! And Animal Party Too, of course, who wouldn’t?

  2. Agh! I am going crazy for the new Kaufmanns. I love all the more modern fabrics (the other two pictured are great), but my favorites will always be the little, small-scale florals and no one has better little florals than Kaufmann!!

  3. Chic-n-Stix says:

    Wow these are fabulous!! Effervescence has me drooling in my coffee!