Preview: Safari Sweet by Penguin & Fish

Remember meeting Alyssa Thomas of Penguin & Fish? And the news that she has a fabric collection coming out with Clothworks? Well, not only do we now have a name (Safari Sweet), a preview, and a release date (August 2011), but also news that the collection is the first for a new organic brand that Clothworks is launching, called Organic Elements. The fabric will be GOTS-certified organic cotton, and two prints will be available in flannel. Also under the Organic Elements umbrella will be a collection of solids, called Everyday Organics. I love seeing more quilting cotton manufacturers responding to the demand for organic fabrics … hooray!


  1. Mary P says:

    Oh my! These are SO adorable. Maybe it’s because I’m due any day now, but I can’t wait for these to come out so I can make something for my little one!

  2. eva says:

    very nice collection!

  3. Jo says:

    Yay for organic ranges! Especially ones this sweet. As someone who always tries to find the organic option before turning to ‘standard’ fabrics, it’s great to see more basics and prints available organically.

  4. Robin says:

    Oh my gosh. MUST HAVE. And how cool that it will be organic! Lately, I find myself really appreciating that both as a consumer and a mama.

  5. Rebecca says:

    I really love this collection, cute but not too cute. I feel like I need to find a little baby to sew something for out of this

  6. Leann says:

    These would be super cute in a knit!

  7. Laura Dro says:

    I just love this palette! So cute and versatile AND organic – just awesome! As an artist myself, I hope to one day put together such an awesome collection! Thanks for sharing.