Preview: Michael Miller

Here’s a peek at some of the collections Michael Miller Fabrics is introducing this weekend at Spring Market. Expect them in stores this summer!


Children at Play is by children’s book illustrator Sarah Jane, who is one of Michael Miller’s newest designers (there will be several more this year!). It’s an epic collection divided into four colorway/themes: Playhouse and Meadow (for girls), and Over the Fence and After School (for boys, though there are a few gender-neutral pieces in there). She writes “It was inspired by my own feelings of childhood, as well as my own children’s. Simple play, creative play…the kind of play that requires imagination and no agenda.” I love the sweet illustrations and versatile coordinates — I am looking forward to seeing what people do with the family tree print! You can see the individual groups, with the prints in more detail, on her blog. Sarah Jane will be at Quilt Market introducing the fabrics and a line of coordinating embroidery patterns.


Emily Herrick, quilt designer of Crazy Old Ladies fame, is another new designer on the Michael Miller roster. Beach/ocean themed collections are nothing new, but I’ve never seen a spin on it like this! Being sadly landlocked for far too long, I thought this was pure New England, but Emily says she drew inspiration from both East and West coasts. It’s a very inventive collection with the bottle caps focus print (above), a great madras plaid, crabs, kelp, and sand dollars. Visit her blog to see the whole collection and hear all about the inspiration behind it!


Botanika is Paula Prass‘ newest. It reminds me of those decals I sometimes see in vintage stores, and always want, but never get because I don’t know what to do with them. Well, we definitely know what to do with fabric, so problem solved! You’ll get better idea of the prints’ scale, and hear about the inspiration, here on Paula’s blog.


Patty Young‘s newest is called Grand Bazaar, inspired by the market in Istanbul, Turkey. So gorgeous, colorful, and lush … and printed on the lovely cotton shirting that MM introduced with Patty’s last collection, Sanctuary. See the color groups and individual prints on Patty’s blog. She’s also introducing a line of coordinating ribbon! And you Quilt Market attendees can be the first to get your hands on some (along with some pattern bundles) at Sample Spree tomorrow night, where ModKid Boutique will have their own table.


( image credits: Sarah Jane, Kathy Miller via Paula Prass’ blog, Making It Fun, and Patty Young’s ModKid Boutique blog, respectively. )


  1. strikkelise says:

    Hopscotch! Balloons! Windmills and bicycles! And the bottlecaps, and the birds… Lots of good news here, thanks!

  2. tracy_a says:

    I love Sarah Jane’s fabrics! Adorable and sweet and a great color range.

    I also really like Patty Young’s work – especially the geometrics.

    Thanks for posting the preview!

  3. Lauren says:

    Oh dear. I MUST HAVE the entire collection of Grand Bazaar. MUST HAVE IT.