Preview: Daisy Janie – Tilly

On the heels of releasing her newest collection Shades of Grey into the world, Jan Dicintio (Daisy Janie) has unveiled her fall 2011 collection, Tilly. The inspiration behind it will make you a little teary … read all about it on her blog. Specs-wise, it’s 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton (as always), and will be less expensive than earlier collections, at $14.50/yard MSRP! Color and style-wise, Tilly reminds me very much of Jan’s roots (a whopping three years ago) when she printed her designs digitally for retail customers and her own line of handmade bags — gorgeous, feminine, yet still modern with a wide appeal. Look for the collection in stores this October; stores can pre-order soon through the DJ website.

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