Native Heath by Old Town for St. Jude’s

Last time I posted about St. Jude’s new fabrics I neglected to point to Native Heath by Old Town … because it’s my favorite and I thought I already had posted about it! Old Town is a slow clothing manufacturer — they produce approx. 50 garments per week (in classic and functional silhouettes for men and women) using British cotton, wool, and linen. So they are a perfect fit with St. Jude’s local, artisanal aesthetic. The design is inspired by map legend symbols and comes in two colorways, berry/birch (above) and mushroom/peat (below). It’s printed onto a heavyweight 100% cotton.

And huge congratulations to St. Jude’s and Emily Sutton — her design Curiosity Shop won the Best British Pattern category of the 2011 British Design Awards!

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  1. oh. well, this is just perfect.