More Marimekko Autumn 2011

Is anyone still resisting the fact that the 80s are back? Marimekko Autumn 2011′s collection has several prints from their 1980s archives, but it’s not about being retro. I think it’s more that after 20 years of computer-generated lines, people are longing for the genuine texture of hand-rendered art. These prints from the Fujiwo Ishimoto, and the pair of Maija and Kristina Isola, are just that: minimal, graphic brush strokes writ large, and they look fresh and new today.

Pictured above:

Maisema by Fujiwo Ishimoto 1982
Kuiskaus by Fujiwo Ishimoto
Trombi (Tornado) by Maija Isola & Kristina Isola 1984
Tuiska by Maija Isola & Kristina Isola
Veto by Maija Isola & Kristina Isola

{ Thanks to Chad at Finnstyle for the images! }


  1. anna says:

    love them all, so agree with the craving for texture and hand drawn art

  2. Love this fabric line! It’s like art. Your blog is great!