Marimekko Autumn 2011

Marimekko‘s newest fabrics for fall 2011 include some new prints and, as always, classics in new colorways and scales. Above are some of the brighter, colorful prints, and I’ll follow up with another post of darker fall colors. Here you see:

Elämänpuu (Life) by Anu Luhtanen

The classic Pieni Unikko by Maija Isola

Jätski (ice cream) and Pikku Jätski (little ice cream) by Jenni Tuominen. Five rows of the blue print are 67″, or almost two yards, to give you an idea of the scale! And the “little” ice creams, at 7 1/2 rows per yard, are only little by Marimekko standards.

Sorja by Jenni Tuominen

Vattenblänk and Samum, both by Astrid Sylwanin

Also, Finnish is the coolest language. If I was immortal I’d study it.

{ Thanks to Chad at Finnstyle for the images! }


  1. Catherine says:


  2. GASP!!! I just can’t get enough! These colors…swwooon!

  3. Jane says:

    The upper right hand print reminds me SO MUCH of this art exhibit I saw at the British Museum in London last November…it was a huge (many yards long) textile containing thousands of different sizes, shapes, and colors of pills.