Kitzbühel from Westfalenstoffe

Westfalenstoffe is a fabric manufacturer based in Muenster, Germany. You may have come across their classic collection which they have had in print for 75 years! (Bunte Fabrics, which is sadly closing up shop, still has two of the prints in stock at this writing.) In addition to cotton wovens they also produce coated fabrics, super cool striped knits, linens, wool felt, plush fabrics, and more.

They have a new cotton print collection coming out in October called Kitzbühel, which is a town in the Austrian Alps. It’s full of woodland creatures in a soft, cool palette that makes it suitable for boys, girls, and grown-ups. Kitzbühel (oh, I’m so impressed with myself for knowing how to type a u-umlaut!) was designed by the lovely and talented Rebekah Ginda — you can check out her other surface design and illustration work on her online portfolio.

All of Westfalenstoffe’s fabrics are Oeko-Tex 100 certified and some of the cottons are GOTS certified organic too, which makes them extra great.


  1. Do you know when it will be in the USA? Any idea on price range? I love it. Now who do I know in Germany? Hmmmmm

  2. [...] So adorable! (I just wish they were organic so I could splurge and still be within the rules of my challenge.) [...]