Daisy Janie: Shades of Grey

Daisy Janie‘s Shades of Grey is now making its way to stores! Like her first major organic collection, Geo Grand, Shades of Grey is a fabulous, versatile group. Betsy of Bon Bon Atelier pointed out that DJ fabrics are a favorite of customers seeking fabric for men’s projects (or things like bedding that have to appeal to both a guy and a gal). Agreed! And, of course, the biggest hook — it’s all grays, so the prints will play fabulously amongst themselves or with any bursts of color you want to add to the mix.

{ image from the Daisy Janie blog }


  1. Amy says:

    I’ve been waiting for these greys to come out. I love them and hope to see some quilts using them soon.

  2. Ha! I made it in the DJ blog, I feel so famous now! I think the Shades of Grey will be awesome as either a duvet or Roman Shades. Love it..