Cabbages and Roses: Northcote Range

The U.K. company Cabbages and Roses is a popular home decor and fashion brand throughout Europe. (This season’s dresses are gorgeous — they’re going on my Pinterest Fall Fashion Wishes!) They have been producing fabric collections for the home for more than a decade, and their delicate, timeless designs are being brought to quilting fabrics for the first time by Moda. The collection is in stores now.

Cabbages & Roses kindly sent me a bundle of their newly released Northcote Range to play with — notice how each colorway is further divided into a white and natural ground color. The solids are printed so there is a very subtle textural effect, kind of linen-y. And speaking of, the larger scale floral and the solids will also be printed on linen. Though these might have a more traditional look than what I usually go for, I am falling in love the effortless, comfortable, modern interiors for which Cabbages and Roses is known, so I’m very much looking forward to digging in.

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  1. Have fun with that stack Kim!

  2. Linda says:


  3. I’m so glad you featured these, Kim! I bought a layer cake and charm pack last week and can’t wait to make some patchwork pillow covers with them. Since I can’t afford their high-end linen decorator fabric, this will substitute nicely. :)