Fabric Design Contest at Connecting Threads — Deadline Tomorrow!

Are you familiar with Connecting Threads? They are the only fabric manufacturer I know of that sells their fabrics retail directly to the public, rather than opting for wholesale distribution. No middleman = lower prices, and they’ve got a wide variety of styles represented in their collections (including some beautiful modern designs). And now, they want YOU to design a future collection — they’re holding a fabric design contest. The deadline is tomorrow, August 10 (sorry for not pointing to it sooner) but if you’ve got a portfolio of prints ready to go, this might be a great opportunity for you.

Simply upload a focal print (that link gives the file specs needed) “Focal” usually means a novelty/conversational print, a larger scale print, and/or a multicolor print, but really it can be anything that represents your proposed collection. Submitted designs will be presented to the public for voting on Monday, August 15. Five finalists, who will be announced on their blog on September 1, will move ahead to submit a full collection, and the final winner will be chosen by Connecting Threads and announced October 12.

The grand prize winner will be awarded $2,000 and a contract with Connecting Threads to produce their fabric collection in 2012; plus royalties on possible future reprints. They will also receive free yardage of their fabric designs (up to 100 yards, not exceed 5 yards of each print).

The main contest page has tips for submissions. I look forward to seeing and voting for the designs. Are you entering? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Jessee M says:

    I’m entering!!!! I’m excited. :)

    I entered my Monsters on the Loose fabric:


  2. Carol Creech says:

    I entered these three:

    Mossy Frog: http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/530179
    Pink Rose Stripe: http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/597857
    Floating Feathers: http://www.spoonflower.com/fabric_items/new?design_id=697965

    It will be great to see all of the entries!

  3. Kari says:

    I saw your post and entered a design. Kind of a what the heck am I thinking moment, but fun. I wish I had found out about it sooner. Maybe next time if there is one. I’m looking forward to seeing the designs!

  4. Jasonda says:

    Thanks for the heads up Kim! I wrote about my design for the contest here… nothing like a few hours notice to help you kick it into high gear ;) http://jasonda.com/a-fast-fabric-design-in-5-stages

  5. Jennifer wambach says:

    I spent the last couple weeks obsessed with coming up with some fantastic designs for the contest. I ended up submitting six! Should’ve entered some of my Spoonflower stuff, too…

  6. Lana Gordon Rast says:

    Thanks to your post I heard about the contest just a few hours before my husband and I had to leave for his knee surgery. I managed to get two submissions in. That is pushing it!! There are some wonderful designs that were submitted to the contest. I have one under Geometric Designs page 4 “Bold Damask” unfortunately the image keeps coming up as an X instead of the image, I did however email a copy of the design to everyone I know voting for me. My second design is “Paris 1922″ under Novelties page 2. I also think I sent them with the wrong color RGB instead of CMYK. Thank you for letting all of us know about the contest.