Pixel Fabrics on Spoonflower

Pixelated Paisley

Pixelated Paisley by tinornament

Keen observers may have noticed that I have a thing for pixelly designs, whether they pre-date the computer age and are meant to evoke cross-stitch or knitting patterns, or are meant to evoke screen graphics. Or maybe both. Digital textile printing and pixels are a natural pair … here are some designers on Spoonflower who feel the same way.

pixel hearts - aqua

pixel hearts – aqua by iamnotadoll

Norwegian pixel

Norwegian pixel by bluealgae


space-invaders-blk by a-lab

Mock Pacman 2.0

Mock Pacman 2.0 by pixeldust


Gingham_Invaded-BLK by voodoorabbit (click over to see an up-close view) — this shirt made from it is excellent!

Tetris Border Print

Tetris Border Print by chronicallyuncool