Betz White: Mod Max

{ Moth }

Mod Max is Betz White‘s second organic, digitally printed fabric collection. Each print is a single element from nature blown up to a large scale, “Sort of like a graphic interpretation of macro-photography,” she writes. Betz’ fabrics are printed in the U.S. on an off-white, hemp-cotton blend canvas basecloth, and uses nontoxic pigment dyes. And they’re available in fat quarter cuts from her Etsy shop now. See the shop as well as her blog to see more views of the fabric, plus pillows and bucket hats, which show off the scale of the motifs.

{ Nautilus }

{ Pinecone }

{ Leaf }

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  1. Chic-n-Stix says:

    Between Etsy and Spoonflower and all these wonderful, creative fabrics coming out… what a great time to be involved in quilting and artistic entrepreneurship!!
    Thanks for the wonderful blog! I follow you religiously and am excited that after a week of no blog updates on my igoggle home page the problem fixed itself this morning! Coffee and blogs- what a great morning combo!!