Textile Stew: 3/1/11

Thanks to this interview on the Colette Patterns blog, I now know that Mena Trott (famously of Six Apart, Movable Type, et al.) is back in the sewing blog world (anyone remember Sew Wrong?) with The Sew Weekly, and of course she’s kicking ass and taking names.

The Fat Quarterly is pitting 64 modern fabric collections against one another in a March Madness-style competition. I worry too much about hurt feelings to ever hold anything like that, but nonetheless I’m interested to see how it all shakes out!

Lizzy House guest posts on whipup.net to discuss designing fabric for today’s changing market.

And Melody Miller on the realities of designing fabric for today’s market!

I always enjoy Jan of Bemused’s annual Tokyo International Quilt Festival posts, especially her fabric haul report!

Beautiful shots from Lena Corwin’s screenprinting studio.

J&O Fabrics wonders about Wal-Mart’s role in the recent price hikes seen with printed cottons, and wants to know what you think.

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  1. Mena says:

    Long time reader, first time commenter. Thanks for the shout-out and thanks for bringing it back old-school with the wayback machine!