Textile Stew: 2/9/11

Helen Dardik + Retrosaria = quality ribbon by quality people!

What’s Up With Cotton? A dozen or so statements from the major quilting manufacturers on the causes of the price increase of cotton, and what it means for you. (via Fabritopia‘s twitter) Here’s Whipstitch on the same topic.

Marimekko is tripling their textile production capabilities, and they have infographics that make that news even cooler! And speaking of Marimekko, Retro Age Vintage Fabrics shares an early article about them, from American Fabrics 1963-64.

Josephine Kimberling has a great post on working with Pantone textile standards.

Hey, nice rack!


  1. Jan says:

    In the face of this situation, hope that fabric companies will choose to raise their prices instead of reducing the quality of basecloth. So many clothing companies have compromised their products to hold a price. I understand the choice, but would prefer to pay for quality.
    Now I’m not feeling so guilty about my large stash. ;-)

  2. Gika Rector says:

    Are y’all familiar with Laura Foster Nicholson’s ribbons? They’re really beautiful – she’s a tapestry weaver and her line of ribbons is like having mini-tapestries.