Quilt Drive for Central Texas Wildfires

{ Photo by Deanna Roy | used with permission }

The last two days here in Austin have been surreal. The heat finally let up, and we are enjoying our first sub-100-degree days in months, but the winds that brought in the cool front also fueled several huge wildfires in the region. The county of Bastrop in particular is in dire straits, as nearly 500 homes have already been destroyed and the fires are still raging. (Bastrop is 30 minutes southeast of Austin, and that’s downtown Austin in the photo above.)

To get an idea of the devastation, see photos here and here.

There is already an effort to collect quilts for children who lost their homes. They are looking for quilts at least 45″ x 60″, although twin-size bed quilts are encouraged. (That’s 64″-72″/163cmx183cm wide by 86″-96″/218cm x 244cm long, according to this source.) I’m sure larger quilts will be gladly accepted as well.

Please ship quilts to Valli & Kim Quilt Shop, Attn: Wildfire Quilts, 700 West Highway 290, Dripping Springs, TX 78620.

Heather, who is organizing the drive, has more info here, including contact info if you have questions, or are local to Austin and want to arrange to have your quilt picked up.

Here are more ways to help (mostly for locals). I’ll be sure to keep you all updated with any other opportunities.


  1. Jacey says:

    Wow, I had not seen this photo. Scary. Thanks for posting this. I know it has been a devastating weekend of fires in Texas. I’ve added a quilt for the cause to my list, and I appreciate the links.

  2. LeAnn says:

    Thanks for the info on the TX quilt drive.

    I was a country kid and I can’t say enough positive things about 4-H. Much of what I learned about garment sewing, I learned in 4-H, along with breadbaking, menu planning, canning, gardening and public speaking — and camp — and livestock.
    4-H Achievement Days were the “peak” of summer — and qualifying for the State Fair was like icing on the cake. The 4-H dorm was like one huge slumber party.

  3. Patty says:

    It really hit home how bad the situation is, when I opened my front door this morning to smoke so thick I thought it was fog… all the way in Houston! Scary indeed, thanks for posting this!

  4. This is fantastic. How do I get in touch with someone concerning this? I know a lady who is a quilter and lost her home in the Bastrop area from the wild fires. She is devastated that not only her home is gone but so are her quilts and sewing machine. Is there any way to contact anyone to get a nice quilt for her or help her regain her stash and sewing machine? This woman is a wonderful lady in her late 80′s and crafting is her life. She loves home made quilts and loves to do her own. If there is any way to help her out please contact me. I am looking through my own stash but I know its not enough. Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you,