Connecting Threads Fabric Design Contest: Voting Is Open!

The submissions to Connecting Threads’ Fabric Design Contest are closed and the voting has begun! There are a lot of amazing designs here. The entries are divided up into Characters/Animals, Floral/Botanical, Geometric/Decorative, and Novelty, so be sure to look through them all. You can vote for as many as you like. Feel free to campaign for your designs, or your friends’ designs, or your favorite designs by a complete stranger, in the comments!


  1. Carol Creech says:

    There are a lot of great entries! I should have entered more :)

    Feel free to vote for any of the three I entered, if they appeal to you:

    Mossy Frog (found on page 1 in Characters/Animals):
    Pink Rose Stripe (found on page 1 in Floral/Botanical):
    Floating Feathers (found on page 1 in Novelty):


  2. the boer war says:

    I’m so happy to see so many Spoonflower and new designers works entered into this contest!

    We entered three designs:

    all are on the bottom of the third page in the novelty category right now (I’ve notice them move around a little)

    Thanks for True Up for posting the initial call for entries – I wouldn’t have known otherwise!

  3. We entered 3 patterns, but wish we had entered more.

    You can see our entries here:

    Please give us a vote if you like what you see!

  4. Kim Andersson says:

    I entered 2! They are moving around a bit on the page
    Please vote for my designs!!!!!!!! :)
    Kim Andersson
    Butterfield (3rd row)
    and Painted Daisy (3rd row)

    Thanks Kim!

  5. I entered three of my designs…

    one was even featured on here last year! :)

    Monsters on the Loose – Blue
    Monsters on the Loose – Pink
    Robot and Gears

    all Submitted by Jessica Maloney
    (Brunswick, MD)

    i would love some extra votes! im already prepared with coordinating fabrics, just in case. :)

  6. Lee says:

    Thanks for publicizing the contest! I submitted the “Flourish” design – currently the fourth row down on this page:

    If anybody wants to send a few extra votes my way, I would love it! : )

  7. Hey Y’all!

    Shout out to the other True Up readers who submitted designs! I would love it if you voted for VeggiePlot in the Novelty section. The designs move around, so including a link might not take you to the design!


  8. Jennifer Wambach says:

    I’m so glad so many people found out about this contest in time, and it’s nice to see many fellow Spoonflowerites! I entered 7 designs: five in the Floral category (on pg. 4), one in the Novelty (on pg. 2) and one in Characters/Animals (also on pg. 2). They keep moving around, so here’s the start page (starts on the Characters/Animals section):

    They’re all also viewable here on my blog:

    Being a “real” fabric designer would totally be a dream come true for me! Any extra votes you have floating around, I’d be so appreciative if you’d send ‘em my way! :)

  9. Nicole Buxton says:

    First off, thanks so much to True Up for posting competition information. It’s how I heard about the competition.

    I entered one design that I’m really excited about and I’d be honored if folks wanted to vote for it!

    The title of the design is Sea Fireworks and its in the Characters/Animals section. Its a predominantly purple design with a mermaid. As of my post, my design was on page 4, 4th row, far left.

    Thanks, @designmagi

  10. virginia o says:

    Thanks so much for posting this competition! I’d like to throw my hat in for some support for my design Laundry Day. It’s the last design on the page in Novelties:

    Would appreciate a vote or two, or 400. :-)

  11. Janet Nimiroski says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the contest-there are so many great designs! Send me a few votes if you want! My design is Baby Dragons in the Character/Animals on the second page.
    Thanks again!