4-H Sewing Skills Progress Chart

I was never a 4H kid, though there were plenty of them in my semirural high school. (See this beautiful post by Alicia if you’re not familiar, or if 4H was a mysterious subculture to you as a youth!) I thought they were just about raising livestock, but apparently they promote a wide range of skills, including sewing. Gwen of After the Dress, maker of the “How Much Fabric” Reference Cards (now with Women’s Plus Sizes and Men’s Clothes sets available!) found this 4H Sewing Skills Progress Chart (pdf file). How do your skills match up?


  1. I was a 4H kid! I did one year of sewing where I made a mint-green polka dot short and shirt outfit that looked something like doctor scrubs. It was the 80′s though, so I can be forgiven. =) I probably still have my ribbon from the fair that year. I have most of them. should I try to dig it up?!

  2. Maura says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for finding this and passing it on! My daughters have been asking me to teach them to sew, and though I have been sewing nearly my whole life, I am intimidated about the teaching process. This checklist is just the ticket.

    I was a suburban transplant to a rural area in high school, and 4H seemed like something other people did. I was just the dentist’s daughter, and everything I knew about livestock I learned from Charlotte’s Web. :)

  3. Fern says:

    Although my Grandmother began to teach me to sew ,my 4-H Club really made me fly. My first project was a fringed luncheon set with appliques. My leader quickly saw that she had a talented student and encouraged me until I graduated from high school. I loved traveling to the fairs and also still have all my ribbons. I ended up being a Home Ec. teacher and of course am still sewing.

    I was in a fabric store the other day and heard a 4-H leader complain that she was having trouble teaching sewing because she couldn’t find enough Mothers that knew how or were interested in helping to teach. I’m thinking of starting a grandmother’s group and see if they could help. Maybe your area could use one also.

    To Maura, Don’t worry about teaching your daughters. Just concentrate on one thing at a time, even if it isn’t perfect. My daughter’s first project was a mess and it was all I could do not to say anything. We have a good laugh over it now and she enjoys sewing and lots of other crafts.