Modern Tie Dye

Shabd Simon-Alexander creates tie-dyed textiles inspired by Hubble telescope images. (via Lena Corwin)

Birds of Ohio, a vintage textile swatch service, notes the tie-die trend in fashion and has been blogging about dye techniques and traditions.

While I’m still not convinced this is a trend I can embrace myself, I love seeing designers take something with strong associations — in this case, the hippie aesthetic (or some would argue, a lack thereof!) and modernize it. What do you think?


  1. Linnea says:

    ummmmm…can I just say that once again I am shocked by your ability to display something I always thought I despised in a way that makes me fall head over heels in love!?! I have the perfect skirt waiting patiently in my closet for a pick-me up. It is pretty and fits perfectly but always seems like it is missing that little touch of unexpected to make it worth putting on and taking it out for a day on the town. Tie Dye! Who knew?

  2. I really like those skirts! I think I would wear something like that paired with a plain solid top… Cool finds, thanks for sharing!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I love Shabd’s designs. The colors are even more gorgeous in person. I own a pair of her tights and a blouse. Really beautiful & well made. Personally, I love the new take on this trend- but then, I love color & pattern!

  4. Yasmin Sabur says:

    Yes, Virginia, tye dye is back. In fact the parent traditional resist processes have never gone anywhere. At the top of the food chain, Shibori, and the extremely skilled artists who practice that group of resist processes are the majority of artists who exhibit their work in the world known as art wear.
    I personally don’t like the return to muddy colors, wrapped randomly and squeeze dye designs, or the production line multi colored, eye hurting brights.
    I do however love shibori, tritik, plangi, mudcloth, indigo and other traditional resist processes. Any news is good news.
    The digital revolution is pushing colors to the maximum.

  5. donkee says:

    I love the easiness of tie dye. If not overdone, I think it can be great. I bought a long tie dyed dress from a thrift store (probably was $3, I think) over the summer and it’s one of the easiest and breeziest things to wear. No accessories necessary since the tie dye is accessory enough!