The Other Daily Swatch

Damn, I’ve been out-Daily Swatched! Mood Fabrics in New York City has a store dog (a Boston Terrier) named Swatch, and they dress him up and post a picture of him every day on their blog. How can I compete with that cuteness?

(via Tom & Lorenzo on Facebook)


  1. Ahava says:

    That is the second cutest Boston Terrier that I’ve seen. (Second only to mine ^_^)

  2. Mary says:

    I think. I’m in Love.

  3. Jen A. says:

    Dog in glasses a hat. That’s very hard to beat in the cuteness arena. Still, I love your daily swatch :)

  4. Cindy says:

    He was on last weeks Project Runway episode. I had never seen him on that show before. Some cute scenes with Tim Gunn.

  5. Mood Fabrics says:

    love your blog.
    thanks for showing Swatch some love!