Daily Swatch: Strawberry Season With Guest Curator {kimmymade}

I believe you’ve met Kim Steckler of {kimmymade} around these parts before? I show fabrics from her enormous and amazing vintage collection often on the Daily Swatch — it seems like she and I have the same tastes and no matter what theme I pick, she always has a handful of prints that exemplify it perfectly, and graciously allows me to publish them here. Now that it’s spring and strawberries are in season here in the U.S., I knew I wanted to do a strawberry theme. It just so happens that strawberries are Kim’s favorite motif, so I just had to ask her to guest curate. Take it away, Other Kim!

Vintage Feedsack: Big Strawberries

I first found myself inexplicably drawn to the strawberry prints produced by the various Japanese manufacturers, so whether they were cotton, a linen/cotton blend, or pure linen, on a white, natural, or pretty pastel background, I was utterly besotted. Eventually, as I hunted for still more strawberry prints on Etsy, I stumbled across some eye-catching vintage versions ranging in origin from the 40s through the 70s. And an obsession was born. I think the reasons that they’ve proven to be such a popular and classic motif for collectors and sewers alike are their moderately girly sweetness, and their incredible versatility, both in and out of the kitchen. If you don’t have any luck locating any vintage bits yourself, never fear as the Japanese manufacturers continuing to produce some tantalizingly adorable retro prints for your crafting pleasure.

Above: An unusually large-scale strawberry print for feedsack fabric. From the collection of {kimmymade}, purchased from Maria Leary of A Vintage Touch (who has a most impressive collection of vintage fabric, feedsacks, and textiles that she periodically shares in her Etsy shop).

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