Daily Swatch: South of the Border

Feedsack from nudeedudee (shop) on Flickr. These are the colors I associate most with South of the Border prints. But hold the phone — are these guys staging a cockfight?!? Let’s hope they’re just trading roosters, or maybe introducing them to each other for a fun playdate.


  1. I am so happy I found your blog, so many beautiful textiles!


  2. Kim Stewart says:

    Hi there! This photo represents part of my large vintage fabric collection. I make custom clothing (vintage 30s-50s style) with these lovelies, using the original patterns and notions. You can check out my offerings at http://www.nudeedudee.etsy.com. It’s been such a blast!

    Yes, this print has been really popular with the ladies, despite the unpleasant theme…ha ha…I even saw this print in a feedsack book, it must be iconic.

    Thanks for the feature!

    Nudeedudee custom clothing