Daily Swatch: Pattern Types — Half-Drop Repeat


Have you had your first seriously spring day yet where you live? Here’s a simple, springy half-drop floral from the collection of s n o r k on Flickr.


  1. Jen says:

    No, no spring days YET but there are patches of green here and there to give one hope. Good choice for anticipating warmer weather!

  2. nycstitcher says:

    I have wondered about the difference between the half-drop and what I understand to be a true diagonal pattern in Japanese fabrics. Maybe that is the answer–the pattern itself incorporates actual diagonal design elements (swirling water, leaves, standing figures); but not always! And is half drop just the technical word for the process of creating a diagonal pattern, so that half-drop means diagonal? I doubt that but I don’t know how a diagonal pattern would be set up for processing other than by a half-drop.