Daily Swatch: Pattern Types – Half-Drop Repeat

Here is a continuous, closely packed floral pattern, from the collection of myglorydaze on Flickr.

It’s easy enough to spot a half drop with simple designs like the one shown earlier this week, but little bit trickier with busier patterns. What you have to do is pick one element/motif, look for it to appear again vertically, then look for the nearest one again horizontally. Connect the dots — if they form a triangle, you have a half-drop. This is easier shown than explained!

And if your connect-the-dots forms a rectangle, you have a block repeat. Remember the graphic from last week?

Here’s that half-drop grid superimposed on this fabric.

As I mentioned before, half-drops are really just complex block repeats. Most of the repeating unit is shown below, it would actually extend past the image boundary on the right some.

As for how you make them? I’m still puzzling that out myself!

I had a hard drive meltdown yesterday, so sorry for being scarce. I will continue to look at half-drops next week and catch up on the new fabric releases!

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  1. Thanks Kim, absolutely loving your dissection of print repeats, it’s fascinating. So easy when you see that triangle. cheers Elizabeth