Daily Swatch: Pattern Types — Diamond

Now here’s something you don’t see often — a diamond brick repeat. They are two colorways of the same feedsack, from the collection of kimmymade (shop) on Flickr. I should have covered brick repeats right after half-drops, since they are so similar. If you imagine a perfect grid, in a half-drop alternating columns are staggered by a half of one repeat; in a brick repeat the alternating rows are staggered by a half of one repeat. Like a wall of bricks. But I propose we change the term to “half-slide” because it sounds like a funky new dance sensation.

So let’s do a week of brick/half-slides before moving on to diamond’s fat round sibling, the ogee.

One Comment

  1. Nanette says:

    The diamonds look great – looking forward to a week of brick repeats. So excited about next week though – the ogee is my hands-down favourite!