Daily Swatch: Feathers

I couldn’t let this feathers theme go by without a nod to perhaps the most iconic feather print of all time, Liberty of London’s Hera. According to eBay U.K. seller The Airing Cupboard (who has two vintage versions of the print currently, including the c.1970s linen above), this peacock feather design was originally created for Liberty by Silver Studios in 1884. It has been printed in many colorways on as many basecloths throughout the decades, and is still produced today. Liberty’s other peacock feather print, Caesar, was designed in 2007, and (I think) is equally as classic and lovely.


  1. SofiAlgarvia says:

    I have some fabric of the Caesar’s version in black and pink, and it’s one of my favorites!

  2. Steph says:

    Great fabric history today, and overall great redesign. It loads faster on my computer, yet I still get to see all you great images. I’m with you trueup, and a true, loyal fan, Kim. blog on!