Shine Shine

{ Julie in Grey by Heidi Chisholm }

We first met South African textile company Shine Shine last year when they released their Obama Commemorative Cloth. They didn’t have a website then, but they do now, and it was a delight to discover their other designs by Heidi Chisholm and James Grey. Chisholm’s designs are in the style of traditional African commemorative cloths but with bold, modern lines and cheeky subject matter. James Grey’s Madonna fabric weds the commemorative cloth style with Roman Catholic imagery.

For info on ordering their fabrics (prints are available on cotton, oilcloth, and upholstery linen) or finished products, just send them an email.

{ M.O. (Michelle Obama, I Presume) in Green by Heidi Chisholm}

{ No. 1 Football Fan by Heidi Chisholm }

{Rosemary in Orange by Heidi Chisholm}

{ Madonna by James Grey }


  1. JJ says:

    I love these. Very refreshing to see.

  2. Mimi K says:

    wow- these fabrics are SO fantastic! Thanks for showing!

  3. Yasmin Sabur says:

    Shine, Shine, indeed! Witty, colorful, contemporary and best of all images of African people. I absolutely love it.

  4. Jennifer says:

    These are so fun!