Show Us Your Stash: Off the Shelf Edition

Fabric collection by ishandchi  on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Last time, we looked at stashes on shelves (a theme I can promise you I’ll revisit); today we’re going rogue!

From the “Why Didn’t I Think Of That” folder: hanging fabric on tiny pants hangers! I may have just squealed. I apologize. There’s more beauty and inspiration in the flickr photostream of Viv of Ish and Chi.

Scrap basket by simbiosis on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

How about wee japanese prints in a wee wicker basket? From the beautiful photostream of Simbiosis_etsy, aka Julia, of etsy shops Simbiosis, Petite Maison and The Crafty Turtle (where she sells craft supplies and fabric!).

Or, try them tucked neatly in drawers:


Look closer — that’s fabric fused to card stock! This photo comes from Priscilla (Lockette), who has a blog and a cool cardmaking business called Paper+Fabric.

Thanks for sharing, you guys!

As always, join the Show Us Your Stash fun by dropping your photos in the Flickr photo pool and tagging them “stash!”


  1. Erica K says:

    Hmm…I kind of like that hanging idea. It’d be easier to see and get what you want. You’d have to find some gentle hangers though… Hmm…

  2. I have been loving your organization posts. It is something I desperately need to address, I’m afraid my fabric storage room looks more like a scene from Hoarders! EEgads!

  3. HotFudge says:

    These good folk obviously have FAR too much time on their hands. Where’s the fun in knowing exactly where every piece of fabric is? I know what keeps my heart pumping – the stress of diving into piles of fabric stored in my sewing room wardrobe, on the cutting table, under the cutting table, draped over the quilt stand and over any part of the floor I don’t actually walk over. Oh yes, and in the set of drawers in the garage. Now that’s living!

  4. Laura says:

    I’ve been using normal plastic coated hangers for a couple of years to hang my fabric on and have found it great!!!! In fact it is probably the most organised element of my life! :) So easy to access any fabric and no piles to mess up!

  5. SparklePetal says:

    Some of my fabric stash is kept in the exact same Ikea drawer unit. I love it because the drawers are wide and shallow so I don’t lose little pieces of fabric too often. That said, it is nowhere near as neatly packed as the one you picture..!

  6. Florence says:

    Goodness – I’m completely in love with the hanging fabric idea.

  7. *GASP* So lovely and swoon-able!