Spring Quilt Market 2010: Moda – American Jane


Today and probably stretching into tomorrow, we’ll be taking a look at Moda‘s offerings at Spring Quilt Market 2010. First off — American Jane! I’ve been an admirer of American Jane‘s quilts and fabrics forever, so it was an honor to meet the woman behind the brand, Sandy Klop, for the first time at this Market. She is SO nice, enthusiastic, and fun to talk to, and her husband/business partner Stan is super cool too. Sandy was showing quilts made up with her next collection, Punctuation, which will be out in late August. What did I tell you about text fabrics? Punctuation is not only full of @ signs, periods, exclamation points, and semicolons, but also letters and carnival tickets; it also includes some vintage feedsack prints and a big panel that looks like an old schoolhouse alphabet primer. It’s a return to her American vintage roots after her foray into antique French designs.

I don’t have shots of the individual fabrics, but you can catch a sneak peek (and pre-order) at the Fat Quarter Shop.







  1. euphoria says:

    absolutly gorgeous- I {{heart}} American Jane!! I can’t wait to get my hands on this collection!

  2. Liesl says:

    Isn’t Sandy great? Her daughter and I were housemates in college, and Sandy and I only just discovered our connection a couple of months ago. We had lots of fun catching up at Market, and I am in awe of her newest applique Noah’s ark quilt–you can see a little piece of it behind her in the first photo. She’s very talented!