Spring Quilt Market 2010 – Michael Miller Designers – Pillow & Maxfield


I got to meet the design team of Pillow & Maxfield (that’s Valorie Pillow and Anne Maxfield) for the first time this Market, and they were the nicest team of ladies you could hope to meet. Their debut collection Whimsy has had a few iterations, and this time around it’s no different — they are introducing a new colorway, called Sunshine. They were also introducing their and-now-for-something-completely-different line, Pretty Bird. It’s a folky yet modern collection in three colorways, aqua, blue, and spice. Excuse me while I go sew up a million little birds now!


{ Chocolate eggs? Don’t mind if I do! }




  1. I love this collection and the birds would make wonderful gifts.


  2. Erica K says:

    Ooo, I love that!

  3. Munaiba says:

    Thanks for showing this. I love Michael Miller fabrics.

  4. Al says:

    What a fun collection, I love it