Spring Quilt Market 2010 – Lecien

Rounding up the Japanese manufacturers at Spring Quilt Market is Lecien.

Atelier Akiko Collection-2

Atelier Akiko Collection-3

Atelier Akiko (more text! only this time it’s French).

Holiday Happy-3

Holiday Happy

Holiday Happy-2

Holiday Happy, previously featured here, by Ms. Happy Zombie, Monica Solorio-Snow! I got to meet her, but it was one of those passing-each-other-at-quilt-market conversations (during the last hours of the last day, no less), that just leaves you unsatisfied. Next time, lunch!

Isso Ecco-2

Isso Ecco-3

Isso Ecco Quilt

Isso Ecco Quilt-2

Isso Ecco & Heart. I believe that unlike their first collection, which was a home dec weight fabric, this one is a quilting weight collection. I think it’s interesting how there is just one ocean-themed print — usually people do the whole collection that way.

Caramel Town

Caramel Town Quilt

Caramel Town. See what I’m saying? Text is a trend! Can anyone ID the language? I’m guessing Hungarian.

Floral Collection Flower Sugar

Flower Sugar Quilt

Pam Kitty Morning Quilt

Flower Sugar — the bottom quilt is by Pam Kitty Morning — sorry but I didn’t get identifying info on the other one!

Memoire A Paris LAWN

Memoire a Paris, which I believe is LAWN! (Let me know if your notes indicate otherwise.)


Lovely Punch, now with glitter!

Color Basic

New Color Basic

New additions to the ever-expanding Color Basic collection.

More photos, including collections that are more traditional than what I typically feature, on Flickr.


  1. Sherri says:

    Love everything Lecien!

  2. Nanette says:

    The other quilt is from Elizabeth at Late Bloomer Quilts. Both are wonderful. I want the Flower Sugar II!!

  3. Jen Duncan says:

    ~ I really appreciate and look forward to your thorough and photo filled Market posts. THANK YOU!
    ~ I can just hardly wait to get some o’ that Flower Sugar II. I’ve painted the guest bedroom a nice sunny yellow and am patiently waiting for FS’s release next month so I can do roman blinds, etc with it.
    ~ I love anything text. Have a collection of it, and look forward to adding to it with some of these!
    ~ I wish the Color Basic line was more accessible. I don’t actually know where to get ANY of it!
    thanks again. :-)

  4. Erica K says:

    Ooo, I’m so excited! Too many good things coming up!

  5. SheilaC says:

    These fabrics are just too yummy for words!! Especially those gnomes :)


  6. Shaerie says:

    Kim, ‘Memoire a Paris’ is indeed lawn! Can’t wait for it to ship – I’m planning dresses as we speak…

  7. happy zombie says:

    It was such a thrill for me to finally meet you, Kim! Why did it go by so fast? Mmm, yes… lunch!! Wish there was an after market party – where no one had to work and it’d be just fun, gabbing and meeting one another.

    Thank you for all the lovin’s, too!! xoxoMo