Spring Quilt Market 2010: Kokka


Seven Islands is the U.S. distributor for several Japanese brands, including Kokka, Kiyohara, and Sun Felt. Kokka’s biggest release this season is Heather Ross’ Far Far Away II, which will get its own post. Here are shots of the other Kokka collections. One of my favorite prints of the entire Market was the Trefle carnival print — see it up close in its four colorways in the Flickr set. Here is the gray colorway sewn up into a cute little girl’s top or dress.

Kokka Carnival Print

Kokka Trefle Forest Animals-2

Also part of the Trefle collection, this photo-realistic forest animals print.

Kokka Granny Squares

These crocheted granny squares are actually a fabric print (also in a few colorways) on double gauze. Isn’t that wild? It would make a crazy dress.

Kokka Stuffed Animals Samples

A little cute, a little surreal, stuffed-animals-themed mini-collection featuring prints on cotton sheeting and double gauze. I wonder if we’re going to be seeing more photorealistic prints around. It’s kind of like traditional rotary screenprinting saying to digital printing, “Hey, look, we can do this too!”

Kokka Little Prints-2

Kokka Little Prints-6

These two above are part of another mini-collection of small, packed prints. The pouches below give you a good idea of their scale.

Kokka Bags-3

Eau de Mer Zoo

There were several of these smaller-scale prints in the Eau de Mer collection, featuring a motley crew of cute critters. If you remember from the Fall Quilt Market, Kokka introduced some larger scale prints with the same theme. (The text translates to “Seawater. Starry sky.”)

Kokka Multi Prints

It looks like Kokka is expanding their line of these fabrics with three basic prints printed on one length of fabric. Before there were dots, stripes, and checks, now here’s stars with gingham and ric rac stripes.

Kokka Bags-2

I didn’t get a picture of the yardage, but these bags showcase a mini-collection of 60s-80s inspired cotton oxford prints. Unicorn sighting! Unicorn sighting!

Echino Ni-Co Samples-3

I’ve already featured the new Echino Ni-Co collection, but I couldn’t leave without showing you the display.

Nani Iro Spring 2010 Samples

Ditto for Nani Iro’s Spring 2010 double gauzes.

Kokka Seersucker Waffle-4

In addition to double gauze, Kokka was also showing some simple stripes on cotton lawn, and this seersucker/waffle weave above that is perfect for spring and summer sewing.

Kokka Nylon

Now this print doesn’t do much for me, but it’s nylon! A sturdy nylon oxford, to be more specific. There will also be two Echino prints, Birdsong and Ornament, available on nylon soon too. I’m thinking you can use this for the same type of projects you’d use laminates for — bags, raingear, tablecloths, changing pads — but unlike cotton laminates, these could be used for making shower curtains. I don’t know if people will be too keen on synthetics though … can you see yourself buying nylon?

With the exception of Nani Iro and Echino, which are already out, these fabrics will all be arriving in shops in about two months. See even more fabrics and samples in my Flickr set.

OK folks, this is about all I have in me for today — I’m still recovering from four days of go-go-go! I’ll see you tomorrow with Heather Ross and yet more Japanese goodness.


  1. Jen says:

    Oh my! Apples, pears, new robots, frogs, kitties! I can’t wait!

  2. Jennifer O. says:

    That print with the unicorn reminds me of the 80s and Rainbow Brite.

  3. So many great new fabrics!!! My eyes are popping out of my head!!! lol! ~Shelley

  4. Erin Compton says:

    So many vintage looking prints. Drool drool drool. I love the photo realistic animal prints!

  5. Oh crap, there goes my savings.

  6. MelanieO says:

    You’re the best! Sorry I missed you at Quilt Market, but I was only there 1 day & on a mission for organic cotton :) I can’t wait to see what I missed!

  7. Ha! I just finished a granny square print myself! Am I allowed to say “Great minds think alike?” It is a super idea- and theirs is wonderful.

  8. euphoria says:

    lovely prints- the unicorn one is fab!!! As well as that granny squares one- too cute!

  9. hannah says:

    i think that granny square print is from a vintage print, i saw somebody selling a piece of it on etsy a few months ago and i kept clicking on it because it really looked like crocheted granny squares!

  10. Nancy says:

    This is more of a question. How would I find the nylon echino fabric? I have a special project in mind and this would be perfect for it.I tried doing a search and didn’t get much. Is there a better way to find it? Thanks.