Spring Quilt Market 2010 – Kiyohara



Girls Dresses Kiyohara Ecrulat

Compared to Kokka and Lecien, Kiyohara fabrics are a bit more expensive and harder to find in the U.S. Their ongoing collections include Ecrulat (a sweet, rustic linen/cotton for apparel and accessory sewing — above) and Puti de Pome (a supersweet children’s collection).

Kiyohara Puti de Pome

The Puti de Pome dog in a tropical themed bandana print.

Kiyohara Puti de Pome-2

Kiyohara Puti de Pome-3

New to me this Market was this lively double gauze collection by Kayo Horaguchi:

Kiyohara Double Gauze - Kayo Horaguchi

Kiyohara - Kayo Horaguchi-2

Kiyohara - Kayo Horaguchi-3

Kiyohara also had a collection of more traditional Japanese designs — this one in particular caught my eye. Whipped cream dollops with scarves?

Misc. Kiyohara


  1. Absolutely love the one that looks like the trees on the bag and dress!! Keep em coming!!! ~Shelley

  2. Mary P says:

    Wow. I love these. If you know where they can be found, please let us know! I see that Purl Soho has some but not a huge selection.

  3. liz says:

    lovely! the kayo horuguchi was just released here in japan too last month; it’s so pretty and like a fairytale.
    the last print is gourds, a traditional japanese motif.

  4. Vickie E says:

    Hi! It was great to meet you at market. Keep those repro’s a secret….teehee

  5. Alice S says:

    I love the Kiyohara fabric. Could you post sources to find it in the US or on the internet?

  6. Holy gorgeousness! I love that first set of prints with the weeds printed on the bottom!

  7. Katie says:

    These are all beautiful, but my favorite is that last print – I used to live in Japan and think the traditional prints are the best. I know it’s gourds, but they look like “hashi-oki” (a.k.a. chopstick holders) to me.

  8. We stock a few Kiyohara cotton/linen prints from last year. The quality is beautiful as are the prints. They are a little more expensive but on par with a Kokka fabric.

  9. Liann Cooper says:

    The Kayohara stuff is gorgeous! I want to buy all of it now now now!

  10. Nan Jaeger says:

    Stunning designs! Love the look of delicate motifs with crisp colors.

  11. Steve says:

    The Kayohara stuff is gorgeous! I want to buy all of it now now now!